Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions

Once a tooth has been severely damaged by decay, fracture or extensive periodontal disease, it may require removal. If you have been recommended for tooth extraction, a specialist like an oral surgeon will be able to make your experience simple and painless. When a tooth is extracted, the nerves to the tooth are blocked with a local anesthetic agent. Nitrous oxide and/or IV sedation may be used in order to ensure comfort.

Once the tooth is completely numb, the tooth is extracted surgically. After the tooth is removed, damaged or infected tissue is removed and the area surrounding the tooth is made smooth and clean. Sometimes sutures may be used to aid in the healing of gum tissue. Multiple extractions can be performed in the same visit, which makes treatment easier for patients who are preparing for partial or full dentures. The dentures can usually be placed immediately following the removal of the teeth, so there is never a need for a patient to be without teeth.



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